About us

CfWI logo - blockThe CfWI is a key contributor to the planning of future workforce requirements for health, public health and social care in England. We are commissioned by the Department of Health, as well as Health Education England and Public Health England, to look at specific workforce groups and pathways, and to provide materials, tools and resources to inform workforce planning policy decisions at a national and local level.

We provide high-quality intelligence which helps inform decisions on the millions of people working in health, public health and social care. We do this by running major projects and reviews to help inform the decisions our commissioners make as part of their annual workforce planning processes.

In the last five years, the CfWI has led more than 30 major studies on the future workforce needs of the health and care workforces, which impact 2.8 million people working in health, public health and social care. In addition to this, the published work of the Centre has an international dimension, garnering interest from European member states and other international health economies.In particular, we are working with the Department of Health to share workforce planning capabilities with the EU Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting network.

Through the production of over 400 publications issued by the Centre since its formation in 2010, all of the Medical Royal Colleges and faculties, key professional bodies and associations, academic institutions and employers have been involved. In 2013 there were 78,598 views of publications via the CfWI website.

Our managing director, Greg Allen, is responsible for the CfWI's overall leadership, organisation and management.