About us

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The CfWI provides an easily accessible route for health and social care planners, clinicians and commissioners seeking workforce planning and development expertise to improve health and social care services.

We support long-term and strategic scenario planning for the whole health and social care workforce, based on research, evidence and analysis, in order to build strong leadership and capability in workforce planning.

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The CfWI focuses on three key strategic areas:

1. Providing leadership within the system, helping senior leaders to drive workforce planning, strengthening the influence of workforce planners, and connecting different parts of the system.

  • Strengthening leadership in workforce planning: senior leaders in health and social care are driving workforce planning that is integrated with service and financial planning.
  • Promoting long-range planning: organisations are taking a longer-term view of workforce planning.

2. Providing workforce intelligence to the health and social care system to inform decisions. This intelligence spans the ‘here and now’ through thought leadership, to planning the workforce in 10 to 20 years’ time through the use of foresight techniques.

  • Delivering robust and timely intelligence: the CfWI is the primary source of workforce intelligence for those improving people’s lives in health and social care.
  • Sharing good practice and innovation: workforce planners are accessing, using and contributing to the CfWI's growing and validated body of knowledge.

3. Providing the support, resources and best practice to improve the effectiveness of workforce planning at local, regional and national levels.

  • Improving skills and resources: organisations have the skills and resources they need to plan and develop their workforce.
  • Matching the workforce to patient needs: service delivery has been improved through matching the workforce to patient needs and the CfWI's customers have been supported in improving the productivity and quality of health and social care.

Our interim managing director

Our interim managing director, Greg Allen, is responsible for the CfWI's overall leadership, organisation and management.