International workforce planning at the CfWI

The CfWI is at the heart of international workforce planning.

Collaboration across the European continent

The Joint Action on European Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting is a three-year programme of work – running from April 2013 to March 2016 – involving partners representing countries and stakeholder groups from across Europe. The Joint Action (JA) is part funded by the Health Programme of the European Union.As a commissioned body for health workforce planning in England, the CfWI have been asked by the Department of Health to carry out this work with associated partners (contracted) and collaborative partners (voluntary) and will be doing this on behalf of all four countries within the UK. For more information, visit this dedicated CfWI page.

Collaboration with countries and international organisations

We have developed international links across health and social care sectors, paying special attention to countries where approaches have been successfully integrated.

We are currently collaborating with a number of countries and international organisations. For further details, please select from our ‘International network’ listing on the right of this page.

Our approach to international workforce planning

We are building on lessons learnt across different countries and systems. Our approach is divided into three phases:

  1. Identifying key workforce planning competencies in different countries and contexts. We can then build these into the CfWI’s products and services to improve workforce competencies for individuals and organisations in the health and social care system to deliver sustainable and efficient workforce plans.
  2. Reviewing lessons learnt across different countries. Identifying transferable lessons of how other health and social care systems have dealt with economic recession as well as major system change.
  3. Making practical recommendations for the health and social system (e.g. training modules, tools and techniques), developing and equipping leaders and workforce.

Benefits of international collaboration

The benefits of international collaboration include:

  • reducing replication and duplication of the development of systems, tools, methodologies in workforce planning
  • collecting tried and tested models and their impact across different countries
  • learning what has negatively impacted outcomes for patients and service users
  • moving from pre-research to applied research i.e. taking evidence and turning it into application to support workforce competencies, leadership and the system as a whole
  • developing international relationships and networks to improve health and social care workforce planning.

    How to get involved

    The CfWI would be pleased to connect and collaborate with you and your organisation. If you would like to know more about our international work at the CfWI, or get involved, email us at