Horizon Scanning - Big Picture Challenges

Horizon Scanning - Big Picture Challenges

In October 2013, the CfWI launched a series of linked reports on the big picture challenges facing policymakers across healthcare, social care and public health.

It consisted of a context document, describing the big picture challenges that stakeholders told us would impact on future workforces in social care, public health and healthcare and  ten workforce briefings to link the big picture challenges to specific workforce questions. These were designed to stimulate debate about the challenges facing workforce planning to ensure that we have a future workforce that can meet the needs of the population and deliver effective and high-quality care in the future.


We have described eleven overarching challenges facing policymakers from across the sectors and have put them into four categories (illustrated below). These are also illustrated in a series of infographics, available to download at the bottom of the page. The role of the context document is to bring together the available information on the challenges to describe their size and direction.

Workforce briefings

The ten workforce briefings then link the big picture challenges to practical workforce questions which may affect future health, social care and public health workforces. They aim to help create a starting point to stimulate debate and ask further questions about the workforce impacts of the big picture challenges.

The workforce briefing questions we have sought to address are:

  1. How can we recruit and retain sufficient domiciliary care workers to meet future demand?
  2. How can the workforce be used to address the challenges facing emergency
  3. What role will informal carers have in meeting future demand?
  4. How can band 1-4 staff be utilised to improve workforce productivity and meet demand?
  5. What does 24/7 working mean for the workforce?
  6. How can we promote diffusion and adoption of technology and innovation across the workforce?
  7. What leaders will we need to address the big picture challenges?
  8. How do we achieve effective safeguarding across health and social care?
  9. How could the community workforce alleviate some of the pressure on general practitioners and improve joint working across primary and community care?
  10. What does a flexible workforce look like?

The context document and workforce briefings are available to download by clicking the links above or via www.horizonscanning.org.uk. Infographics can be downloaded to accompany the context paper in the link at the end of this page.

We are keen to hear any feedback you may have on our big picture challenges report via our website and on Twitter using @horizonscanning. You can also add any ideas you might have into our Ideas Bank on our dedicated hub - www.horizonscanning.org.uk.

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