The CfWI has been jointly commissioned by Health Education England and the Department of Health to contribute research and analysis to support HEE and NHS England with a review of the endoscopy workforce.

The aim of this project is to ensure that the NHS has the right number of trained staff available, so that patients requiring endoscopy and bowel screening have their needs met in a timely way by competent practitioners. The wider diagnostic service needs of commissioners and service providers, in areas such as the endoscopy (medical and non-medical) workforce, will also be taken into account.

Our project will:

  • design a data collection tool to collect baseline endoscopy training and workforce data
  • carry out, manage and analyse a workforce survey using the data collection tool
  • describe existing training and career pathways for endoscopists
  • consider the factors driving the demand for, and supply of, the endoscopy workforce
  • model current and future demand for, and supply of, endoscopy
  • provide suggestions for workforce planning, including training numbers needed to broadly balance the supply of adequately trained endoscopists in the medium-to-long term looking ahead twenty years (to 2035).

As part of this project, we will be carrying out a survey of the endoscopy workforce, which will be supplemented by semi-structured interviews to identify the drivers of future demand and supply of endoscopists over the next 20 years.