GP in-depth review

GP in-depth review

In July 2014, we published our in-depth review of the GP workforce. Commissioned by the Department of Health and Health Education England, the review assesses:

  • current workforce numbers to forecast supply
  • key drivers affecting workforce demand
  • regional variations in demand.

The review offers suggestions to the commissioners for future workforce planning and addresses issues such as GP workload, the 2016 recruitment target, as well as wider issues around primary care delivery.

Read and download the full report.

Read and download the report executive summary.

In view of the long-term nature of the projections, we have used horizon scanning and future scenario generation in our analysis. A diverse group of stakeholders have helped to identify the driving forces that may impact on GP supply and demand over the medium to longer term.

This horizon scanning work has been incorporated into the scenario generation and modelling phases of the project through workshops and a Delphi exercise to finalise assumptions for our modelling, as well as continuing widespread stakeholder engagement.

We published our preliminary findings for the GP Review in March 2013 and held four roadshows across the country to gain feedback on this work. The roadshows were well received, with around 80 individuals attending and providing valuable comment and advice. We have produced a video of the London roadshow, which can be viewed below.