Maternity Care Pathways tool

Maternity Care Pathways tool

The Centre for Workforce Intelligence and Health Education England made the Maternity Care Pathways Tool to any maternity service provider in England on 29 January 2015.

The tool aims to enable service providers to analyse their whole maternity workforce aligned with their service’s individual care pathways. It was commissioned by the Department of Health and Health Education England, and has been developed in partnership with four service providers since 2012.

Originally developed and tested in partnership with four maternity services in 2012, followed by a further 19 services nationwide in 2014, the tool is designed for use by providers of maternity services and aligned with the maternity tariff.

It is free to download on Microsoft Excel, together with guidance materials in the form of a user guide and video here. The benefits of the tool include:

  • A clear, visual representation of how an individual service’s staff are deployed, along summary care pathways that are mapped and agreed in-house.
  • Analysis of the whole maternity workforce based on possible service change scenarios, for example:
    1. a change in birth rate
    2. a proposed service improvement
    3. the impact of changing skill mix
  • An aid to better informed workforce planning, which can be used with staff, workforce planners and commissioners to communicate about care pathway activities.
  • Aids understanding of the cost implications of service changes, but not an accounting tool.
  • The tool is there to support decision making at a local level, and is not a replacement for other established tools such as Birthrate Plus.
  • Enables the workforce impact of planned change(s) to be clearly mapped, in order to support service improvement and planning for personalised maternity services.

You can access the free tool here. For more information on the tool, watch the demonstration video below.