Mental health

One in four of us will be affected by mental health issues at some time in our lives.

As well as being a major cause of stress for individuals and their families, mental health costs society an estimated £105 billion each year* through lost productivity and avoidable costs for the criminal justice system as well as the costs of care and support. It is critical that the workforce is planned and supported to deliver high-quality support and treatment.

We are developing our programme of work to support workforce planning and intelligence across mental health. We are gathering and analysing data, building intelligence, looking into the future and developing resources that will help workforce planers to plan a workforce that will better meet the requirements of those of us who will need to use mental health services in the future.

Our projects on mental health include:

  • a review of the psychological therapies workforce
  • workforce risks and opportunities
  • medical fact sheets
  • a psychiatry in-depth review.

We contribute to the discussion on planning the mental health workforce at conferences, seminars and through the publication of reports and other papers. For further information about out work in mental health please contact us.

*Source: Centre for Mental Health (2010), The economic and social costs of mental health problems in 2009/10