Impacts on the workforce, such as changes in demographics, and working patterns, mean that the midwifery workforce we need in the future may be different to what we need now.

We have undertaken a number of projects to help inform the planning of this future workforce, including midwifery workforce projections and horizon scanning reports.

We have also focused on a wide programme of activity looking at the shape of the nursing and maternity workforce, including a maternity care pathways tool, which aims to enable service providers to analyse their whole maternity workforce aligned with their service’s individual care pathways. The tool was piloted with 17 maternity service providers and was launched on the HEE website in January 2015. Find out more about this project here.

In June 2013 we published our latest reports looking into the maternity and midwifery workforces.

Future midwifery workforce projections – starting the discussion is designed to stimulate a discussion on the main opportunities and challenges facing employers, the midwifery profession and workforce decision makers in relation to the future balance of the supply and demand of the midwifery workforce.

Horizon scanning – A strategic review of the future healthcare workforce: Informing the maternity workforce considers the issues likely to shape the maternity workforce over the next 20 years. It is part of ongoing CfWI horizon scanning work underpinning the nursing and midwifery programme.