Nursing is a diverse occupation and the size, knowledge and skills of the nursing workforce are under scrutiny. We have undertaken a number of projects to help inform the planning of this future workforce, including nursing workforce projections and horizon scanning reports. We have also carried out work into the health visitor workforce.

Our nursing and maternity programme has focused on a wide programme of activity looking at the shape of the nursing and maternity workforce, including a maternity care pathway model and case studies on the shift of care of the nursing workforce from the acute to the community.

Our work provides guidance to the health education system through Health Education England (HEE) and supports HEE local education and training boards (LETBs) and providers as they develop their strategic plans.

In 2013 our focus was on developing and gathering further intelligence on the future of the nursing workforce and developing a new model using the CfWI workforce modelling framework.

Review of the IPC and TB nursing workforce

As part of our ongoing public health programme, the CfWI was commissioned by Public Health England (PHE), HEE and the Department of Health (DH) to undertake a review of the infection prevention and control (IPC) and tuberculosis (TB) nursing workforce.

The review improves PHE’s and HEE’s understanding of the IPC and TB nursing workforce, which tends to be a disparate workforce operating across multiple sectors, meaning there is little central visibility of numbers and staffing issues.

Both reports were published in July 2015, and you can find out full details about the project here.

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