Workforce information signposting tool

Workforce information signposting tool

The CfWI was commissioned by the Department of Health to develop this tool as part of a wider workforce information architecture (WIA) programme to support a safe transition to the new health and social care system.

Who is the tool for?

The tool has been designed to help health and social care workforce planners and education commissioners to find sources of data, information and intelligence, to inform decision making.

What are the benefits?
The tool has been designed to:

  • be interactive and offer a search function
  • provide summary information categorised as raw data, information and intelligence
  • enable you to refine a list of over 100 potential sources to a more manageable selection according to the needs you specify
  • be relevant and useful to a wide range of end users at national, regional and local level.

What software is required?

To use the tool, you will need Microsoft Excel 2007. Where possible, the tool works best with macros enabled. An older Excel 2003 is also available on request. This contains most of the same content so that you can search, sort and filter as required. Please email if you would like access to this version.


Latest version of the tool
Please add this web page to your favourites to ensure that you are always working from the latest version of the tool.

What do you think?

Please let us know what you think of the tool, including suggested improvements. A feedback form is contained in the tool.


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