How we work

The CfWI produces quality intelligence to inform better workforce planning that improves people’s lives. To do this we use a robust and methodical approach which builds a range of possible futures and formulates policies that anticipate those futures. Our approach recognises the complex factors influencing demand and supply as well as the intrinsic uncertainty of the future. We have developed and refined our methodology through the 400 workforce reports we have published since 2010.

This video shows our approach in action.


Robust workforce planning framework

We use a robust workforce planning framework that delivers a step-by-step approach to the investigation of the future workforce in any sector. The framework is made up of four building blocks: horizon scanning, scenario generation, workforce modelling and policy analysis.

Our first step is to work closely with our commissioners and stakeholders to identify the problem that needs to be solved, define the scope of our investigation and any critical issues and constraints.  Having agreed a focal question, we then go through the four steps of our framework.  

  1. Horizon scanning helps us to understand the system, learn from the past and explore potential factors that could influence workforce planning.
  2. Scenario generation creates challenging but consistent alternative futures.
  3. Workforce modelling simulates workforce demand and supply across a range of futures.
  4. Policy analysis stress tests policies to find out which are the most desirable and robust against future uncertainty.


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