How we work

The CfWI produces quality intelligence to inform better workforce planning that improves people’s lives. To do this we take a robust and methodical approach which builds a range of possible futures and formulates policies that anticipate these futures. This approach recognises the complexity of factors influencing demand and supply and the intrinsic uncertainty of the future.This video demonstrates this in action.


Workforce intelligence into planning

Workforce planning is the process of ensuring that a business or organisation has the right people, with the right skills, in the right places, at the right time.

We use four building blocks as part of our robust workforce planning framework to help gather workforce intelligence and use it in workforce planning:

  1. Horizon scanning explores the potential challenges, opportunities and likely future developments that could influence workforce planning.
  2. Scenario generation produces challenging but plausible scenarios about what the future may evolve to be like.
  3. Workforce modelling forecasts supply and demand for the range of generated scenarios and looks at the balance between the workforce you have and the workforce you need in order to achieve a sustainable balance of supply versus demand.
  4. Policy analysis identifies which workforce policies are the most robust across the range of future scenarios, and thus are most effective against an uncertain future.


CfWI workforce planning framework diagram