Policy analysis

Policy analysis focuses on analysing the impact of policy options on future uncertainties and presenting the findings. There are two parts:

  1. Policy impact on demand and supply: The workforce model is run against each of the scenarios defined previously to look at demand and supply for each future. It is also run against a baseline – or business-as-usual – scenario to show what will happen if trends persist as at present, assuming no policy actions. Next, we test each of the policies in turn against each of the scenarios to see how this impacts on the demand and supply.
  2. Robust workforce plans: The results will demonstrate that some policies lead to favourable outcomes across all futures, whereas other policies have less clear outcomes. In these situations the relative probability of scenarios may need to be assessed, and scans made for signals that may indicate a particular scenario unfolding.

We present our findings in a range of ways, including tools to allow users to explore the impact of different policies across a range of possible futures, and to make decisions on their effectiveness.