CfWI projects

We undertake commissioned projects addressing particular issues in workforce planning to deliver robust intelligence.
Information architecture
The CfWI's information architecture review will provide a picture of the information architecture as it is now and how it might be in the future. The sources and flows of workforce information across the sectors will be mapped and potential improvements identified.
Risks and opportunities
Recommended workforce models
The CfWI has developed a simple set of metrics for helping users to select workforce planning models, and to help model developers improve model quality.
Recommended data sources and collections
Accurate data is critical for successful workforce modelling - the CfWI is mapping and reviewing what information is available, and has identified more than 60 data sources and collections to date.
Area and care pathway reports
Social Worker Supply and Demand
The CfWI is looking at social worker supply and demand.
The CfWI is supporting the Department of Health maternity workforce planning.
Older people
Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP)
The CfWI is supporting the workforce QIPP process providing cohesion between bottom-up and top-down projections and plans.
Information architecture
The Information Architecture Project interim report and the latest map of information architecture are available to download.
Workforce risks and opportunities: Healthcare science
A status report on the healthcare science WRO project.