Vision and outcomes: Vision and objectives

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The vision and objectives of the CfWI information architecture project are explained below.

The project provides the foundation for designing a simpler, more effective workforce planning and development system.

The objectives are:

  • to provide a clear picture of the information architecture as it is now and how it could be in the future
  • to identify improvements that will strengthen workforce planning and development, and
  • to gain broad partner support for the best improvement option.

    A clear picture in this context means that the information architecture should be:

    • revealing, useful, relevant and inviting
    • establishing ownership, responsibilities, processes and links
    • highlighting gaps to fill, links to make, desirable simplifications and expansions.

    The objective of identifying improvements to strengthen workforce planning and development include:

    • making it easier to access, reducing the burden of data collection, increasing data quality, and board-level engagement
    • making more effective use of data, strengthening links to the strategic agenda, stimulating better practice, and understanding gaps across the whole system.

    Partner-supported changes mean:

    • being Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP)-aligned
    • operating in the most practical, affordable, cost-saving, waste-reducing and productive way.

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