Vision and outcomes: Outcomes - blueprint information architecture

The CfWI blueprint information architecture is explained below, including how it will strengthen workforce planning.

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Diagram showing how the CfWI blueprint information architecture will strengthen workforce planning

With a clear blueprint for the information architecture, we will be seeking the following outcomes:

  1. To access what data is available and how it can be accessed.
  2. The best sources of data are highlighted.
  3. The sources and causes of waste are better understood.
  4. The gaps in data are identified, along with how they might be filled.
  5. New data to be captured and/or shared is identified.
  6. Data quality is assessed for its fitness for purpose.
  7. Bodies within the system and the links between them show their influence upon the system.
  8. An improved means to understand the workforce and its development is achieved, leading to strengthened workforce planning.

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