Vision and outcomes: Outcomes - strengthened workforce planning

Detailed below is how our information architecture project will seek to strengthen workforce planning and partner-supported changes.

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Diagram showing how the CfWI information architecture project will lead to partner-supported changes

With strengthened workforce planning, we will be seeking the following outcomes:

  1. To fill in gaps in data and improving processes for its capture.
  2. To drive up data quality to improve reliability and accuracy.
  3. To make better use of data to add rigour to the planning process.
  4. To increase sophistication in analysing and modelling future workforce.
  5. To contribute and share better practice.
  6. To understand where the real pressures in the system are.
  7. To accumulate evidence to inform policy.
  8. To have partners across health and social care understand improvements are possible, leading to partner-supported changes.

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