Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP)

The CfWI is supporting the workforce QIPP process providing cohesion between bottom-up and top-down projections and plans.

The CfWI collates information from SHAs summarising their position relating to workforce QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention) projections.

QIPP is an essential element of the integrated planning process in the NHS. The CfWI has a role to coordinate and support the interpretation of SHA workforce plans and liaise with the DH workforce, and the wider DH QIPP team to bring greater coherence and understanding to workforce planning. The outcomes enable

  • the DH to review current projections against national perspectives and earlier returns
  • the SHAs to compare their projections.


The planning process involves a quarterly round of template design, data collection, collation, dissemination and analysis to inform the planning process. The process aims to provide linkages between bottom-up planning exercises currently run by SHAs with trusts, and national planning perspectives. It also provides a basis for integrating service activity projections, related workforce requirements and the financial implications of plans. Work in this year has developed to consider the quality and safety assurance of QIPP workforce plans.


The CfWI, in discussion with the DH, will continue to develop the approach in 2011/12 working with the emergent workforce planning system.


For further information and to be kept informed about this and other related QIPP work, please email workforceintelligence@dh.gsi.gov.uk