Anaesthetics: CfWI medical fact sheet and summary sheet – August 2011

Anaesthetics: CfWI medical fact sheet and summary sheet – August 2011

Combined fact and summary sheets, published as part of the Shape of the medical workforce: Informing medical specialty training numbers report.

The purpose of this document is to make recommendations to inform planning for future medical training numbers in Anaesthetics & Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) in England. When formulating these recommendations, we considered factors such as demographics, lifestyle issues and the views of key stakeholders.

The fact sheet includes the CfWI Anaesthetics and ICM fact sheets acknowledgement (section 1), the factors influencing the future demand of the specialty (section 2) and the current and forecast workforce supply (section 3). This information forms part of the body of evidence used to advise recommendations on future medical training numbers. Conclusions and recommendations are in the accompanying summary sheet. The CfWI welcomes contributions to both the content and interpretations of this information.

The fact sheet covers the following:

Section 1 - CfWI Anaesthetics & Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) acknowledgement

Section 2 - Considerations for future demand
Current training route
Specialty viewpoints
Policy drivers
Health and lifestyle
Changes in practice
Changes in activity

Section 3 – Current and forecast supply
Existing workforce
Consultant projections

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