Big Picture Challenges - The Context

Big Picture Challenges - The Context

As part of our horizon scanning programme, the Department of Health (DH) commissioned the CfWI to identify the big picture challenges facing health, social care and public health, to draw out their workforce implications.

A big picture challenge is a fundamental challenge facing policymakers across the sector and requires focused action across politics, industry and research. The big picture challenges we have identified are facing the health, social care and public health systems.

We have identified four overarching categories: demographic and social, health and social care system design, quality and productivity, and finance and economic.

In these four categories the following 11 challenges were identified:

  1. planning to meet the needs of an ageing population with an ageing workforce
  2. managing changing demand resulting from an increasing prevalence of complex long-term conditions and co-morbidities
  3. managing changing public expectations about the care they receive
  4. achieving better integration between health, social care and support organisations
  5. shifting the focus of the system towards prevention and well-being
  6. delivering the personalisation agenda and providing person-centred care within financial constraints
  7. ensuring the system delivers high-quality services within financial constraints
  8. developing effective measures for quality of care and productivity and ensuring high-quality data is collected
  9. preparing for changes resulting from innovation and technology
  10. planning service delivery given the uncertainty about levels of funding in the future and how this will affect future demand for and supply of care services
  11. uncertainty about how investment in life science, health and care will support the UK economy.

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