The CfWI Business Plan 4 2013-14

The CfWI Business Plan 4 2013-14

Our business plan set out what the CfWI would deliver in its fourth year of operation, to the end of March 2014. It is informed by our engagement with clients and partners.

Working to a strategy and a business plan agreed with the Department of Health, the CfWI continued towards establishing itself as the national authority on workforce planning and development, providing advice and information to the health and social care system.

CfWI priorities for Year 4: 2013-14 include:

  • building on our work to identify and assess key drivers and challenges that will impact the health and social care workforce
  • supporting Health Education England (HEE) and the local education and training boards (LETBs) with up-to-date and robust workforce intelligence
  • modelling the impact of policy decisions on the workforce and producing  proposals for consideration by the Department of Health
  • conducting several in-depth reviews, including anaesthetics and intensive care medicine
  • undertaking work looking at the public health workforce
  • working with leaders in health and public health to scope the nature of the children’s and young people’s specialist practitioner workforce
  • cyclical work, including for the Home Office Migration Advisory Committee review of the Shortage Occupation List
  • improving nursing and midwifery forecasting figures using the new approach to CfWI modelling.

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