Histopathology: CfWI medical fact sheet and summary sheet – August 2010

Histopathology: CfWI medical fact sheet and summary sheet – August 2010

The medical fact and summary sheets were published as part of the Recommendation for medical specialty training 2011 report.

The fact sheet sets out factors that will be considered when assessing the supply and requirement of the future medical workforce. The first section of the fact sheet focuses on the future requirement of the specialty; the second section focuses on the current supply.

This information will form part of the body of evidence used to advise recommendations of future medical training numbers. At this stage it does not present conclusions or recommendations. This is a live document that represents work in progress; it will be updated on an ongoing basis as information is located and made available to the CfWI. The CfWI will welcome relevant contributions to the content or interpretation of information within the medical specialty workforce fact sheets.

As a guide, the document is set out in the following divisions. Some of the themes that have been identified may overlap several divisions:

Considerations for future requirements
Current Status of Specialty’s Requirement
Health and Lifestyle
Prevalence and estimated future incidence of factors that affect requirement
Changes in practice which may affect level of service
Finished Consultant Episodes (FCEs) and Outpatient Attendances
Weighted Capitation

Historical and forecast supply
Existing Workforce
Consultant projections
Geographic distribution
Recruitment to further medical training
Related healthcare workforce

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