In-depth review of the acute medical care workforce

In-depth review of the acute medical care workforce

The CfWI was commissioned by the Department of Health and Health Education England to determine the supply of CCT holders, or equivalent, needed to provide the same level of acute medical care by 2033, per capita, as today, for England.

This review, which looks ahead 20 years, assesses whether, under a range of plausible future scenarios, there is likely to be a balance between patient/service demand and supply of CCT holders. It focused on fully trained acute medical care specialists, geriatricians, and the other physicians that contribute to acute medical care service provision.

This work is specifically designed to:

  • support longer-term workforce planning on issues relating to this workforce, up to 2033
  • support robust decision-making, taking account of future uncertainties
  • help decision-makers be more alert to the emerging risks to this workforce as the future unfolds.

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