Policy analysis update

Policy analysis update

Policy analysis is the thread that runs through the CfWI’s Robust Workforce Planning Framework. The purpose is to determine which of a set of alternative policies will best meet a specific set of goals.This requires determining which policy is the most effective, according to the measures used, against a set of plausible but challenging future scenarios. Some workforce policies may perform well across all these futures; we would then say that they are robust against future uncertainty. However, other policies may not perform as a well. Specific scenarios may be challenging and the outcome may not be good. Decision-makers will then need to judge which policy to choose in situations where several policies perform adequately, but no single policy is outstanding.

This paper includes the following:

  • an updated review of the literature with particular focus on the importance of evidence in policy making and approaches to policy analysis
  • selecting policies for analysis, including the conceptual steps to take
  • structuring the analysis and the principles for a CfWI policy analysis tool

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