Public health workforce of the future: a 20-year perspective

Public health workforce of the future: a 20-year perspective

This report was jointly commissioned by the Department of Health (DH), Public Health England (PHE) and Health Education England (HEE) as a discussion paper looking at the public health workforce of 2035 – 20 years on from when the work was commissioned. The report also aimed to align with the CfWI’s broader analysis of future health and social care workforce, Horizon 2035.

The CfWI engaged with, and worked collaboratively with, a number of key partners and stakeholders throughout the study, which aimed to address these two questions:

  • Looking ahead, what capacity and capability will we need in the public health system to protect and improve the public’s health?
  • What do we need to start doing/putting in place to get us ready for the future?

This review is aimed at informing the DH's planned refresh of the national public health workforce strategy in 2016. It is hoped the outputs will also stimulate a wider debate about developing the public health workforce for the medium and longer term.

The work complements a separate PHE review of the future public health workforce Fit for the Future – Public Health People: A review of the public health workforce, which considers the medium-term issues and needs of the public health workforce.

As part of this work the CfWI worked with PHE on a series of events around the country to enable local leaders to come together to discuss and shape national and local thinking on workforce issues that may arise in the short and long-term future. The events were held between November 2015 and January 2016 in the following LGA region/PHE Centre areas:

24 November 2015  South West - Taunton
9 December 2015 West Midlands - Birmingham
7 January 2016 East of England - Newmarket
12 January 2016 North West - Manchester
13 January 2016 South East - London
21 January 2016 East Midlands - Loughborough
26 January 2016 North East - Durham
28 January 2016 Yorkshire & the Humber - Leeds

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