Recommendation for medical specialty training

Recommendation for medical specialty training

The CfWI carried out a piece of work in 2010 to analyse and inform on the numbers of doctors going into medical specialty training following on from foundation training. The work, commissioned by the Department of Health (DH), in consultation with strategic health authorities (SHAs) and Medical Education England (MEE), makes recommendations on numbers for the 2011 intake.

The report:

  • contains an overall analysis of numbers going into medical specialty training
  • contains more detailed analyses for each specialty
  • identifies which medical specialties are at risk of over supply as well as identifying the geographical balance.
This report is the first of a number of reports looking at the shape and size of the overall workforce needed for the NHS of the future. As one of the first pieces of work carried out by the CfWI in its current form, and within a constricted time span, the underpinning research is necessarily limited, but the report makes reliable recommendations and identifies emerging messages.

Medical summary sheets and fact sheets

The report is supported by an alphabetical list of the medical specialty recommendations, presented as 55 combined fact and summary sheets containing more detailed analyses for each specialty. An explanation for all our recommendations can be found in each specialty summary sheet, which builds on the evidence presented in each fact sheet .

Read the covering letter about the report from CfWI Chief Executive Peter Sharp, downloadable at the bottom of this page.

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