Review of the tuberculosis nurse workforce

Review of the tuberculosis nurse workforce

Commissioned by Public Health England (PHE) in partnership with Health Education England and the Department of Health, this report aims to build a clearer understanding of the location, number, functions, skills and competences of the tuberculosis (TB) nurse workforce. Our report has found the following:

  • The CfWI estimates that there are approximately 500 people working as a TB nurse within the NHS, based on indicative data we obtained from PHE.
  • There is no clearly defined career pathway into TB nursing.
  • There are no national guidelines for TB nurses to follow in terms of the competencies required for different nurse bandings.
  • There is mixed support by management for TB nurses, for example some nurses felt well supported by management whilst others felt that management did not understand their role.
  • There is no national network or information sharing point.
  • NHS should host TB services, but closer links with PHE are needed so that nurses can develop more public health awareness.
  • There are various workload issues relating to complex TB cases, latent TB and low numbers of nurses covering large areas.
  • There is confusion about where the TB teams sits within a trust.

The report also makes a number of short and long-term suggestions for commissioners to consider over the next one to three, and three to five years.

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