Social care infographic

Social care infographic

This infographic emphasised the leadership challenge being faced in the adult social care workforce. A key priority for stakeholders in this area was to deliver a social care workforce that is fit for the future. It aligned to messages in the CfWI social care policy paper.

We need to plan the social care workforce. From social work reform to social care transformation, the sector’s workforce is becoming progressively more complex and important. This infographic illustrated the scale of the workforce opportunities which faced the social care sector, as well as the inherent challenges in looking ahead.

At a time when care and support services are undergoing significant financial squeeze, alongside the transformation of services, we need to take account of uncertainty associated with likely future demand and supply for care and support and, in turn, the workforce required.

The CfWI launched new work to provide forecasts of the social care workforce. This built on work that was already underway that supported the delivery of the workforce components in the social care white paper, such as CfWI forecasts for social workers.

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