The CfWI Business Plan 2010-2011

The CfWI Business Plan 2010-2011

This Business Plan sets out what the CfWI will deliver in its first year of operation, which is to the end of March 2011. Our engagement with clients and partners will inform the development of the year 2 programme, which will begin with consultation that will start in December 2010.

The Business Plan is primarily an agreement between DH and the CfWI about what the CfWI will deliver for the resources it uses. The Business Plan explains each of the key pieces of work the CfWI will carry out in year 1, the outcomes that will be achieved, the main deliverables, and the engagement the CfWI will have with its partners as part of that work.

The business plan looks at:

  • Introduction to the CfWI
  • Long range outcomes
  • Year 1 key outcomes
  • Progress against long term outcomes
  • Three services the Centre provides
  • Intelligence
  • Planning
  • Leadership
  • Marketing communications
  • Performance measurement

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