Understanding how the CfWI works

Understanding how the CfWI works

Developed as a result of a large body of work on futures thinking, systems analysis and scenario generation, the CfWI’s Robust Workforce Planning Framework (RWPF) was designed to identify and help better understand the potential impact of the key issues or challenges facing workforces in the future. The future is full of uncertainty and the further ahead we look, the more uncertain workforce issues appear.The RWPF provides a systematic and logical approach, including the use of sophisticated modelling techniques, to enable workforce planners to tackle uncertainty with greater confidence when considering what varying futures may look like, including workforce numbers, skills and costs.

The CfWI RWPF has been used extensively to develop intelligence to inform decisions on the health, public health and social care workforces in England. This includes information to support decisions about training numbers, workforce configuration and skill mix and the likely future balance between workforce supply and demand for particular professions or within patient pathways such as maternity. It revolves around a key focal question or issue of concern. This is a statement of the purpose of the project and serves to anchor a workforce-related investigation by defining the scope and the timescale.

The four key stages to doing this are broken down in this clickable interactive brochure.

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