What leaders will we need to address the big picture challenges?

What leaders will we need to address the big picture challenges?

In this briefing, we have chosen to look at five of the current issues highlighted in our research and interviews: leadership from the ward, misaligned priorities, turnover and long-term vision, whether people have the time to manage, and whether leaders and managers are too generalist. We then use these current issues to consider what future leadership might look like to meet the big picture challenges

The other workforce briefing questions we have sought to address are:

  1. How can we recruit and retain sufficient domiciliary care workers to meet future demand?
  2. How can the workforce be used to address the challenges facing emergency
  3. What role will informal carers have in meeting future demand?
  4. How can band 1-4 staff be utilised to improve workforce productivity and meet demand?
  5. What does 24/7 working mean for the workforce?
  6. How can we promote diffusion and adoption of technology and innovation across the workforce?
  7. How do we achieve effective safeguarding across health and social care?
  8. How could the community workforce alleviate some of the pressure on general practitioners and improve joint working across primary and community care?
  9. What does a flexible workforce look like?



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