MAC shortage occupation list update: Healthcare profession submission 2012


The CfWI was commissioned by the Department of Health to produce a report for the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) that influenced and supported its recommendations on securing the supply of the future healthcare workforce in shortage areas in England.

This year emphasis was placed on the viable measures occupations could take to mitigate the shortages, and the length of time they would need to remain on the shortage occupation list (SOL) supporting the Government’s drive for use of the SOL as temporary relief.

To submit an inclusion recommendation for the SOL, the CfWI was asked to consider whether an occupation is suffering from structural supply-side issues that cannot be mitigated through improving workforce supply from the domestic labour market, or via migration through the traditional routes, therefore satisfying the resident labour market test (RLMT) criteria. Only where there is evidence of structural supply-side issues has a recommendation for inclusion been made.

This report consists of an assessment of those occupations currently on the list and whether or not there is a recommendation that they should remain or, due to lack of evidence, be removed from the list. The review also looks at health occupations not currently featured on the SOL and provides recommendations on which additional occupations should be included.

The report is split as follows.

  • Main report – outlines the approach taken by the CfWI in determining its recommendations for the MAC’s update of the SOL.
  • A – provides a summary narrative for each occupation that the CfWI believes should be included on the SOL.
  • B – provides a summary narrative for each occupation that the CfWI believes lacks evidence for inclusion on the SOL.