Liberating the NHS: developing the healthcare workforce

This consultation document sets out proposals to establish a new framework for developing the healthcare workforce and seeks views on the systems and processes that will be needed to support it.

The vision set out in the white paper Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS can only be achieved if healthcare providers employ staff with the skill mix appropriate to deliver a high quality service to patients in every circumstance.

Public investment is central to securing high quality services and training. In future the DH will have progressively less direct involvement in planning and development of the healthcare workforce, except for the public health services.

Employers will be given greater responsibility for planning and developing the healthcare workforce. Local ‘skills networks’ of employers will take on many of the workforce functions currently discharged by Strategic Health Authorities, while the quality of education and training will remain under the stewardship of the healthcare professions.

The final date for responses to this consultation is 31st March 2011. A summary of the response will be made available before or alongside any further action, such as laying legislation before Parliament, and will be placed on the Department of Health consultations website. This will occur after the consultation is completed on 31 March 2011.

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