Transforming community services transformational guides

These six transforming community service transformational guides were co-produced with clinicians and are now available to view.

The guides utilise up to date evidence-based research from the Health Services Management Centre (HSMC), and experiential knowledge from clinical innovation in practice. They relate to 6 key specific areas of practice, namely: health and well being; children, young people and families; acute care closer to home; long term conditions; rehabilitation and end of life care.

These guides are for use by frontline clinicians, commissioners and providers and are based around a framework of ambition, action and achievement:

  • Clearly setting out your ambition
  • Taking action to deliver the ambition using the best available evidence (high impact changes)
  • Demonstrating and measuring achievement (using quality indicators)

The guidance also includes six transformational attributes which practitioners and teams need to demonstrate in order to meet the requirements of the high performing practitioner-partner-leader roles.