Flexible Nursing Report for NHS Professionals

The Institute for Employment Studies has released a definitive research report into the flexible nursing workforce.

It is the first report of its kind to draw together flexible working data from a number of organisations collated over the past decade and to triangulate this with issues facing today’s health economy.

In producing the report the IES interviewed a number of hospitals, primary care trusts and strategic health authorities as well as sourcing supporting statistics from agencies and ‘external’ bank NHS Professionals.

Critical to today’s economic situation in the provider sector, the IES has found that Trusts are still not getting to grips with developing effective ways of managing temporary staff and achieving flexibility. It identifies the benefits of building robust workforce strategy around the changing needs of the service and the demands of a diverse, modern nursing profession. This would enable greater cost savings, provide consistency in attendance and enhance patient safety.

It focuses on two major factors that are impacting Trusts and which are forcing them to address their staffing levels and needs:

1. The roll-out of e-Rostering - enabling much greater clarity around actual demand, shift-fill patterns and absence trends
2. A demand-led economy - enabling flexible working to become employer dictated according to the needs of the service

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