The ABIM Foundation

The ABIM Foundation operates as part of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), working to promote improvements in healthcare by advancing medical professionalism.

The ABIM Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that permits exploration of the broader set of issues that are central to the common mission of ABIM and the ABIM Foundation: to enhance quality of care.

The ABIM Foundation focuses on four primary activities:

  • Exploring what it means for physicians to be professionals in the 21st century;
  • Stimulating physicians to become involved in quality assessment and improvement;
  • Bringing diverse groups of leaders together to enable dialogue and consensus; and
  • Promoting research of quality evaluation and improvement.

The ABIM Foundation’s work is led by a Board of 12 Trustees that includes national leaders in quality assessment and improvement and medical education, consumer advocates, policymakers, purchasers and representatives of the ABIM Board of Directors.

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