Dame Carol Black interview transcript

Transcript of a video introduction by Professor Dame Carol Black, Chair of the CfWI Governance Board.

Date of Interview: 30 June 2010.

My name is Carol Black. I’m a doctor by training and my speciality is Rheumatology, so I spent many years in Rheumatology and specialising particularly in a rare connective tissue disease, Scleraderma, and setting up the National Service for that disease.

I then became interested in Medical Management, so I became the Medical Director of my hospital, which is the Royal Free NHS Trust in Hampstead. At the same time I was beginning to get interested in the affairs of the Royal College of Physicians. I sat on their council, I was elected Clinical Vice President and then I was elected President of the College and I served in that role from 2002 to 2006.

I then went on to chair the Academy of all the medical Royal Colleges and at the same time became the first National Director for Health and Work.

Throughout all these different posts and different jobs, I became really very interested in the type of people that you needed to do the different jobs in healthcare and in social care and so that is why I’m particularly interested in the Centre and I’m delighted to be chairing the Governance Board.