Dame Donna Kinnair interview transcript: The biggest challenge for workforce planners

CfWI governance board member Dame Donna Kinnair explains what she thinks is the biggest challenge for workforce planners.

Date of interview: 30 June 2010

What is the biggest workforce planning challenge facing both NHS and social care organisations today, and how do you think CfWI can support the system to address this?

Dame Donna Kinnair: The biggest challenge facing both the workforce and the NHS today is actually having the right numbers of people with the right competencies and skills to be able to deliver care to the population and this means being able to deliver care in different settings, settings that are different to what we have traditionally delivered them in such as hospitals or particular centres and being able to deliver care closer to people’s homes. The Centre can help us analyse the numbers that are required and the ability to work with our partners and also the skills that the workforce will require for the future.