Peter Sharp interview transcript: CfWI way of working

The CfWI Chief Executive on how the Centre engages with health and social care organisations.

Date of interview: 30 June 2010.

What style of working can we expect from the Centre when you engage with health and social care organisations?

Peter Sharp: Well, let's look ahead here and they say begin with an end in mind. We want at the end of the first year to evaluate how we are perceived and it is my hope and our ambition that we will describe ourselves and be experienced as collegiate, collaborative, cooperative. We will work in partnership with all the people who have got something to say about workforce planning. So it is not our intent to do top-down delivery of intelligence that’s dropped on people from above, its that we have worked together to get the right intelligence, based on the right data, to lead to the right conclusions and recommendations. So my hope, in a word, is that we are working together.