Roy Taylor interview transcript: Social care sources

Transcript of an interview with Roy Taylor on social care sources that the CfWI will tap into.

Date of Interview: 30 June 2010.

What social care sources will the Centre tap into in order to support long-term and strategic scenario planning?

Roy Taylor: We are very fortunate with social care because we have a wide range of sources and we need that given how diverse the sector is. For example we have Skills for Care, Institute of Public Care, associations of directors of adult services and children services, the local government information, the local Social Care Council and the Social Care Institute of Excellence and these are just a few of those that are available but we also need to bear in mind that many of the people who employ in social services, come from the private and voluntary sector so there are sources of information there too – not just with the large employers but also if you take the fact that there are many people now who are employing their own personal carers. That’s an emerging group and it will be critical that we embrace that too as a source in this process.